Rainbow on the head: colored hair turns into a fever among young people

Increasingly common among young people, teenagers and even children, colored hair is successful, but requires special care with the hair. View here for more info: rainbow hairstyle

The approach of summer makes everything more colorful: clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories in general. And also the hair. The number of people who are discoloring their tresses is growing — however, not to turn blonde, as usual, but to paint over them in so-called fantasy colors: pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, red. All with an almost infinite variety of tones.

For hairdresser Bianca Amafer, the pandemic, along with the variety of colors, is responsible for this trend. At home, people are more comfortable changing. “With the home office, they are freer, they don't need to use their image so much to prove their competence at work”, he says. Visagist and colorist Caíssa Frota also observes that many people are taking the opportunity to give the threads a break and make them natural.

Professionals tell who have clients of all ages. “It's not something childish or teenager. The possibilities are so many that it can be done in older people. It has the coppery rosé, the lighted brown rosé”, details Bianca. Caissa, however, admits that it is much rarer for people to dye their hair with colorful colors from the age of 45 onwards. “I think they are thinking that they are no longer old enough to change like that”, he laments.

With the children, the visagist explains that it is necessary to be more cautious, but it is not an impediment. “First, we shouldn't touch the bleach to the skin, because it has ammonia. Second, we have to be careful with the vapors and the smell”, he explains. The most common alternative, according to her, is to make only one or two strands. The little ones are already happy and run less risk.

That's how, at age 12, Mayara Maia, a biology student, started putting fancy colors in her hair. The mother only left a streak: red. At the age of 17, he discolored completely and painted blue for the first time. “My mother said it was a phase, but I don't think so. I keep seeing myself dye my hair, changing the color, the cut at any age. I don't like to be always the same, it's a matter of taste”, she says.

She was never one to cry over every inch cut. In case you didn't like the result, patience. And she even did unpromising experiments, like cutting herself. “I cut at home, with my friends. I went to the salon, got crooked or short, didn't care, because it grew”, he recalls.

Earlier this year, Mayara, now 23, had side streaks. But three months ago, she repeated the 17-year experience and discolored it completely. She even went to a wedding with pink and blue locks. Trapped in a braid, the effect was amazing. But it didn't come for free: "The strands were much drier because of the bleach, easier tangles." To minimize problems, the student follows the capillary schedule.

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